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Early-bird registration numbers

Early-bird registration is now closed; regular prices (US$260/US$150 student) are now in effect.

Total early-bird registration was 363 people.

To compare with last year: at PyCon 2006, early-bird got 273 registrations. This year's figure is therefore a 32% increase.

Maybe we're just getting better at reminding people to register early and the final attendance figure will be about the same. On the other hand, Doug Napoleone notes that the number of proposals received was also up by 30% (see the discussion of proposal selection for the numbers). A 32% increase in '06's total attendance of 410 would mean 541 attendees.

My intuition is that both factors -- better early-bird advertising, and more total attendees -- are at work. My psychic prediction: final attendance for 2007 will be increased over 2006 to between 450-500 attendees: a significant increase, but not a 30% increase. (Please, no wagering...)