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Registration count reaches 400; tutorial status

The 400th attendee registered today. We're now certainly ahead of PyCon 2006, which only had 399 online registrations.

The number of available tutorials continues to shrink. "Code Like a Pythonista" is full, and we regret to announce that "Internet Programming With Python" has been cancelled. The remaining tutorials are:
  • Morning session: Using the DB API, Python 101, How to Document a Python Open Source Project, Zope Component Architecture and zc.buildout.
  • Afternoon session: Advanced Web Application Development with TurboGears, Faster Python Programs through Optimization and Extensions II, Testing Tools in Python.

Remember to book your hotel rooms before February 1st to obtain the lower conference rate.


Richard Jones said…
Wow, congratulations to the organisers! This year's conference is going to be amazing!
Bram said…
I there any way we can get a few more seats open for some of these Tutorials?
A.M. Kuchling said…
bram: No, I don't think so. The tutorial size is constrained by the room size we have available. The Django tutorials were expanded to a larger space and have filled that space too, leaving nowhere else to expand to. Sorry; better luck next year!