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Status of PyCon video/audio

Doug Napoleone is managing work on the 2 terabytes of video and audio recorded at PyCon. Today he posted the current plans:
The hope is to get everything done (including a professionally produced DVD of at least the r0ml keynote) by the end of June. We were thinking of doing weekly releases of material (9 tracks, one track a week, ~6 hours of video per track). That equates to ~2 talks a night for 4 nights, 1 day of re-encoding runs, and 1 night of uploading, for 9 weeks.


flit said…

I am looking forward to that.
Everyday I check to see if there is any video released.
Thanks and good job!!
cowmix said…
Are you guys going to post them on Google Video?

Seems like the logical place to me.
Douglas said…
We are looking at a number of hosting solutions including Google, YouTube, and the Internet Archive.
The folks over at One Laptop Per Child have also offered up free hosting.

People have already expressed a strong opinion on having the video available in multiple linux friendly formats. The Internet Archive has a very nice interface for this. Google is nice in that they do not have any size or length limitations. And of course YouTube has that popularity thing going for it.

There are also plans on having one of the Tutorials hosted by ShowMeDo.

In other words, we are looking at alot of solutions, but have not made a hard decision yet as not all the video has been collected.
Paul Boddie said…
This is excellent news! As I've mentioned already in a number of places, please follow the lead of the FOSDEM people and at least offer the content in an open format: in their case it's Ogg Theora, which is supported by Free Software (or open source) players on all major platforms.
mike bayer said…
well here we are, june there anything to see yet ?
Andrew Dalke said…
Now September 2nd. Any word on the words?
Nate Aune said…
I would suggest that you post the videos to The reason being that does not impose any filesize limits, and they have an FTP interface for adding the files very quickly in bulk. They also do the transcoding and have a nice interface for adding the metadata, which is not the case with Internet Archive. You might also try which will send your video to dozens of video sharing sites. We're using for many of the videos hosted on and have been very happy with them.

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