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Intro to Sprints sessions

There will be two pre-sprint sessions that will be run on Sunday afternoon, after the end of the conference talks.

Intro to Sprinting (60 minutes, at 3:20 pm)

This will be a plenary session, and will begin with a talk explaining what sprints are and how we do them at PyCon, followed by a panel discussion where the sprint leaders will answer questions.

Sprint Tutorials (90 minutes to 3 hours, at 4:40 pm)

After a break, participating sprint leaders will gather the sprinters of their projects, go to different rooms, and the project will be explained. Everything from code walkthroughs to granting repository access can be presented here. This way, you'll be able to start working on the sprints effectively on Monday morning, without a long setup delay.

Happy coding!


Doug Napoleone said…
Someone asked a question on one of the many pycon mailing lists about the '3 hour' Sprint Tutorials. The concern was that this left no time for getting dinner, etc.

This is a free form open space session. Part of that may include a group dinner (if that is what people want to do). Last year one group played Wii Sports to 'get the creative juices flowing' and to 'build team solidarity'; that was the claim... Wii hogs... ;-)

The current sprint projects are listed here. More sprints can be added at any time (including at the conference), as well as updates to the existing information; so check back often. You can sign up for sprints (not a hard commitment), or have your own sprint!

The sprints are free to attend and do not require a conference registration.