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PVote on NPR Science Friday

U. S. citizens are preparing to vote next month. Unfortunately, many of their votes will be collected by software of unverifiable quality and accuracy.

Carl Flatow of NPR's Science Friday came to PyCon 2008 during the after-conference sprints. One of the leading lights of the Python community that he met was Ka-Ping Yee, who has done important work on this very problem.

With elections looming, Carl has released his video interview with Ka-Ping about open source vs. proprietary voting software in general, and about PVote in particular. View it at the NPR Science Friday website!


Anonymous said…
It's Ira Flatow, not Carl.
David Goodger said…
Fixed, thanks! [post.replace("Carl", "Ira")]
A.M. Kuchling said…
No, actually it is Carl Flatow. Ira Flatow hosts Science Friday, but his brother Carl contributes occasional pieces, and Carl is credited as the producer for this interview.
Ping said…
Ira just had me on the radio show, and I mentioned Pvote and Python briefly.