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PyCon Needs Your Help

PyCon US is a 100% volunteer effort. In order for the conference to run smoothly we need a large on-site volunteer turnout. This year the conference is larger than ever. As a result we need more people than ever to step forward and volunteer their time at the conference to help make it a success for all.

With PyCon less than a week away, we are in desperate need for Session Staff and Session Runners in particular. Being a Session Runner is a simple task where you work with presenters to make sure they are ready to present before they give their talk, and help the Session Chairs with the transition between speakers. The rest of the time you are free to see whichever presentation or other activity you wish.

All session staff this year will have radios with headsets so staying in touch will be easy. Everyone can see which session still need session staff on the main Schedule; those talks w/o star or clipboard icons. Signup is very simple, and this is a great way to be involved and make the conference run smoothly.

For information on this and other volunteer opportunities please check out the Volunteer page.


rajkumar said…
Where can I find PyCon 09 videos?
A.M. Kuchling said…
Nowhere yet, since the conference is occurring this week. The videos will begin appearing on YouTube or after the conference.