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PyCon India receives fantastic response

For Python language enthusiasts across India, all roads led to the Lecture Hall Complex at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on 26th and 27th Sep. The reason - to attend and be part of the first PyCon India which was held during the week-end.

The event saw tremendous enthusiasm and participation from all over the country. Over 350 delegates and 30+ speakers attended the event. The event generated a lot of interest in the academia, with a large number of college students and fresh graduates attending it. A notable instance is the participation of 75 students from the Rajalakshmi Engg. College in the neighboring city of Chennai, who just hopped on a train to Bangalore en-masse. This is a worthy example of how Python has caught the imagination of young programmers in the sub-continent and that the language is poised for steady growth and adoption in India.

The opening keynote talk by Dr. Prabhu Ramachandran was well attended and appreciated by the crowd. Dr. Ramachandran talked about his experiences with Python and gave a very good impression upon the audience of how Python is an effective tool in quick prototyping and rapid software development from concept to the finish. He gave on to give another talk on the 3D visualizer application Mayavi which is written in Python.

There were over 30 talks in total in addition to several lightning talks towards the end of the closing day. Overall, the event was a very memorable learning and fun experience to all the Pythonistas who took part in it. The event is poised well to take the leadership in promoting Python in India in the coming years.