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Invited speakers

The vast majority of talks at PyCon go through a challenging submission process where they are weighed against the other submitted talks - 179 submissions this year. A few speakers, however, have been so consistently and overwhelmingly popular at previous PyCons that this year's program committee has invited them to skip the usual review process, reserving talk slots for topics of their choice.

The PyCon 2010 invited speakers and their topics are
  • Ian Bicking, On The Subject Of Source Code
  • Jeff Rush, Interfaces, Adapters and Factories
  • Jack Diederich, Python's Dusty Corners
  • Mike Fletcher, Debating 'til Dawn: Topics to keep you up all night
  • Raymond Hettinger, Mastering Team Play: Four powerful examples of composing Python tools
  • Bob Ippolito, The other kind of testing
  • Alex Martelli, Powerful Pythonic Patterns
  • Joe Gregorio, Threading is not a model
  • Ned Batchelder, Tests and Testability
  • Holger Krekel, The Ring of Python
  • Ted Leung, A Survey of Concurrency Constructs