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The Five Talks I Really Want to See

The deadline for getting early-bird pricing at PyCon is coming up (register by January 6!), and people are starting to see just how great the schedule is for this year's PyCon. From around the web:
PyOraGeek: PyCon pre-favorites: When I look over the PyCon 2010 talk list, I'd like to be at about half of them (a physical impossibility, until I master self-multiplexing). Still, these are the ones that I'll move heaven and earth to be at. What about you - what are your favorites?
Click through for the whole list, but Catherine highlights (among others) Extending Java Applications with Jython ...IronPython Tooling ... Python in the Browser .... and others, and then ends with the magnificent:
An Underwater Python: Tortuga the Python Powered Robot
because, deep down inside, people everywhere are the same; we all want to be loved, and Python-powered robot submarines.
Carl Trachte then weighs in:
pyright: PyCon pre-favorites, the Carl T. edition: These are my picks (not in order - the truth is I could spend all day talking about a lot of these talks - they are all good - too short a life - too many good talks):

1) Ha, go to the depths of the sea to your Octopus' Garden with your submarine robot, Catherine. I'm heading skyward with robots in space.

2) Jython in the Military, is near and dear to me. Besides, bossman is giving the talk - never hurts to show up and support the team.

3) While we're on the subject of Jython,Extending Java Applications with Jython by Wierzbicki is one that has potential to make me less ignorant.
...and Carl continues up to #8. Featured post number three was provided by Tim Lesher:
Aftermarket Pipes: Five Pycon 2010 Talks I Need to See: ...I thought I'd put together a list of the five Pycon talks I need to see in 2010. But I couldn't--I struggled to get below a dozen. So here are the top five I need to see, plus the ones I'll probably kick myself for not seeing because they're undoubtedly going to be scheduled in the same slots as the top five:

1. Import this, that, and the other thing: custom importers (Brett Cannon)
This is an easy choice, because I'm about to be implementing one of these for work....

2. Understanding the Python GIL (David Beazley)... Given David's mindbending generators tutorial last year and his GIL presentation from ChiPy, I expect this talk to be rich in things I will be disturbed to have learned.

3. Powerful Pythonic Patterns (Alex Martelli) Alex's talk last year, Abstractions as Leverage, was curiously satisfying. He didn't present any facts I hadn't already heard or read, but his presentation made some new connections for me (in a "My God, it's full of stars!" way).

4. Threading is Not a Model (Joe Gregorio)... [and]

5. Turtles All The Way Down: Demystifying Deferreds, Decorators, and Declarations (Glyf Lefkowitz).

Tim also provides a list of another nine talks not to miss. Take a look at the schedule and the talks. What is it that you can't miss?