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PyCon Poster Session - Third Time's the Charm

17, 31, 50...

PyCon 2012 marks the third year of the Poster Session.  The Poster Session has been training in the off-season and is back, bigger and better than ever.  This year we have 50 posters for your PyCon enjoyment with the full list of accepted posters coming soon to the site.  We've grown a lot since the original 17 posters of the inaugural session2 years ago!

Wondering how you'll manage your time and make it to all the posters that call to you? Wondering what's on the list? 

We'll have Robots that test mobile applications and play Angry Birds in their spare time...

You can learn how people are using Python Power to increase student engagement...

You can find out how Python helps keep the Chandra X-ray Observatory operating safely...

You can get tips on Python Community development and the details of PSF Sprint Sponsorship...

Innovative uses of Django, doing Bioinformatics, Packaging, Cython and much, much more!

So be prepared - the PyCon poster session happens on Sunday, March 11 right after the morning keynote. An hour and half, 50 posters, robots and plenty of people excited about their projects to talk to...come ready.  The poster session is a great way to connect with people of similar interests, get new ideas and start new collaborations.  Is all of that not enough to excite you about the Poster Session?  We also have snacks...

(from Zac Miller and Vern Ceder, Poster Session Co-Chairs)


Mike said…
Wow 17 to 50, that's a huge improvement!! Good luck to everyone attending. I am sure you will continue to improve and attract very exciting topics!!

Have fun playing Angry birds too!

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