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Sold out!

We just hit our capacity of 2,500 attendees for the conference, so registration is now closed!

You know what isn't closed? Tutorial registration! We have some excellent tutorials on our schedule this year that you should definitely check out. If you're already registered for the conference, you can add tutorials to your existing account by going to the registration page. If you're not registered for the conference but are interested in coming for the tutorials, you can get started at!


Anonymous said…
Wow! Congratulations!! I completely missed the update about the last 100 tickets in my news reader. Looks like I took too long to work on the travel logistics. :-)

Do spots open up with cancellations (before the 28th)? Or, unused slots allotted to sponsor groups? If so, where do we watch for those?
Brian Curtin said…
Email and we'll add you to a list. If cancellations occur, we'll contact you.