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PyCon 2019 Reminders

As November approaches, many of us are starting to plan for the holidays, vacations, and/or how to bring in the New Year.  Before we get seasonally busy, we wanted to take the time to remind Pythonistas of a few PyCon deadlines and upcoming launches!

  • Registration for the 2019 conference will launch in early November! The first 800 registrations are sold at an early bird rate:
    • Corporate tickets will start at $550 USD
    • Hobbyist tickets will start at $350 USD
    • Student tickets will start at $100 USD

We’re looking for all types of Tutorial, Talk, Poster, and Education Summit topics to help our community learn, so be sure to check out our Call for Proposals for more details and submit your proposal via your dashboard soon!

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To those in the Northern Hemisphere, Happy Autumn!

[Image description: Kitten sitting on a pile of leaves]

[Image description: Cat sitting on a pile of leaves with a pumpkin and squash nearby]