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An update regarding PyCon 2019 sponsor DataCamp

The PyCon staff is saddened to hear that one of our sponsors, DataCamp, had an incident where one of their employees was sexually harassed. We were also distressed to find it was unclear if Datacamp had addressed this incident with the seriousness it requires. PyCon and the Python Software Foundation take this issue seriously and we want to emphasize---for Datacamp and everyone---that such behavior is not tolerated at PyCon or any Python Software Foundation affiliated event.

The Python community must hold itself to a higher standard. We would like to reemphasize our values of inclusiveness and a willingness to act on behalf of the vulnerable members of our community as written in the Python Software Foundation code of conduct, and our guidelines, as written up in the PyCon code of conduct.

The Python Software Foundation Board, Python Software Foundation Executive Director, and myself have taken time to discuss the situation taking into account the concerns of our community, public discussions of the incident, DataCamp's public statements, the contracts in place, and the policies that guide PyCon sponsorship. The decisions resulting from these discussions are as follow:

PyCon and the Python Software Foundation have donated $9,000 USD---an amount equal to the sponsorship DataCamp paid---to the National Women's Law Center. You can read more about the NWLC's mission and activities at

PyCon's sponsorship policies and Code of Conduct do not support removing a sponsor for situations that happen outside of PyCon. The Python Software Foundation Board will be meeting at PyCon and discussing ways in which PyCon's sponsorship policies may need updating.

DataCamp’s outgoing CEO has issued an apology and their board has made a statement with their plans moving forward. Additionally, DataCamp has elected to retain the benefits that their sponsorship contract provides, and will be in attendance at PyCon 2019. We have reaffirmed the standards set forth by the PyCon code of conduct with them, and expect their participation to exceed those standards like any other attendee, sponsor, or staff at PyCon.