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Call for Proposals for PyCon 2020 is open!

The time is upon us again! PyCon 2020’s Call for Proposals has officially opened for talks, tutorials, posters, education summit, and charlas. PyCon is made by you, so we need you to share what you’re working on, how you’re working on it, what you’ve learned, what you’re learning, and so much more.

Please make note of important deadlines for submissions:

  • Tutorial proposals are due November 22, 2019.
  • Talk, Charlas, Poster, and Education Summit proposals are due December 20, 2019.
We need beginner, intermediate, and advanced proposals on all sorts of topics as well as beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers to present talks. You don’t need to be a 20-year veteran who has spoken at dozens of conferences. On all fronts, we need all types of people. That’s what this community is comprised of, so that’s what this conference’s schedule should be made from.

Who can help you with your proposal

Outside of our program committee, a great source of assistance with proposals comes from your local community. User groups around the world have had sessions where people bring ideas to the table and walk away with a full-fledged proposal. These sessions are especially helpful if you’re new to the process. If you’re experienced with the process, it’s a great way for you to reach out and help people level up. We’ll be sure to share these events as we find out about them, and be sure to tell us your plans if you want to host a proposal event of your own!

We’re again going to provide a mechanism to connect willing mentors and those seeking assistance for talk proposals through our site, helping with the process of developing the proposal, slides, and presentation itself. We will be trying something new this year and are happy to help with any of the following:

  • Exploring and brainstorming your interests to help you identify hidden topics that would make great talks.
  • Connecting you with experienced speakers to help develop your proposal and talk.
  • Reviewing your outline, slide deck, or notes.
  • Anything else that’d help you be at ease and excited about bringing your ideas to our audience!
You’ll find checkboxes for both giving and receiving mentorship on the Speakers Profile page.

Where should you submit your proposal? 

After you have created an account at, you’ll want to create a speaker profile in your dashboard. While there, enter some details about yourself and check the various boxes about giving or receiving mentorship, as well as grant needs. Like proposals, you can come back and edit this later.

After that’s done, clicking on the “Submit a Proposal” button in your dashboard will give you the choice of proposal type, and from there you enter your proposal. We’ve provided some guidelines on the types of proposals you can submit, so please be sure to check out the following pages for more information: 

We look forward to seeing all of your proposals in the coming months!