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PyCon US 2020 Hatchery Program Launches Call for Proposals

The PyCon US Hatchery Program has become a fundamental part of how PyCon as a conference adapts to best serve the Python community as it grows and changes with time.

Initially we wanted to gauge community interest for this type of program, and since launching in 2018 we have learned more about what kind of events the community might propose. At the end of the inaugural program, we accepted the PyCon Charlas as our first Hatchery event which has grown into a permanent track offered at PyCon US.

PyCon US 2019 presented 3 new hatchery programs, Mentored Sprints, the Maintainers Summit, and the Art of Python. This year we are hoping to continue that growth, and are encouraging more organizers to propose their event ideas. If you are intrigued by the idea of proposing a hatchery event you may also want to look at Sumana Harihareswara's excellent write ups of both the motivation and execution of the Art of Python.

The long-term goals of this program are to support and grow sustainable programs that will become a recurring part of PyCon or find their place as a stand-alone event in the future. Programs that may be of specific temporal interest are also welcome, but will generally be given lower priority.

Our goal is to continue improving our community through inclusivity and diversity efforts. We hope that other international conferences, regional conferences, and local user groups can find inspiration in these efforts as they have in the past, adapting components of PyCon US into their own organizing.

Changes for 2020

  • Updates to the application process have been implemented. All proposals will be submitted through in order to standardize the format and content from each proposal.
  • Improvements to how we support events with specific needs with respect to onsite support and room set-up.

Ready to submit your proposal?

The Hatchery Program CFP is open now. You can find the details here. Submit Hatchery proposals online here. Proposals will be accepted through January 3, 2020 AoE.