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PyCon 2020 Online Launch!

Dozens of presenters and sponsors prepared content for the launch of PyCon 2020 Online!

We are pleased to present talks and tutorials by Russell Keith Magee, Marlene Mhangami, Eric Ma, and so many more under the PyCon 2020 YouTube channel! There will be new presentations and content added to the PyCon Online page weekly.

PyCon 2020 Online would not be possible without our sponsors. This year we are highlighting sponsors via the Virtual Expo Hall. If you are looking for a job or information about their tools and products, be sure to check it out!

Read the launch email for more content information.

Content will be released in batches, weekly. Check back next week to catch more recording and "exhibits" in PyCon's Virtual Expo Hall! If you would like to receive the latest PyCon 2020 Online emails, subscribe to our newsletter! They will be sent out weekly for the next 4 weeks or so.

Don't forget to share your PyCon 2020 Online experiences on Twitter using #pycon2020!