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PyCon Us 2021 Call for Proposals is Open!

PyCon US 2021’s Call for Proposals has officially opened for talks, tutorials, posters, and charlas. 

With the decision to hold PyCon US 2021 virtually, we now know that it will be quite a bit different. The plan is to provide a platform for community members to share their knowledge with those attending the event.  During this unique year we will be asking presenters to pre-record their session and be available online during their sessions to engage with the attendees via chat. This will eliminate the challenges of internet quality, timezones, and logistics of providing a full schedule over multiple days.  

Please make note of the important deadline for submissions:

  • All proposals are due February 12, 2021

We need beginner, intermediate, and advanced proposals on all sorts of topics as well as beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers to present talks. You don’t need to be a veteran who has spoken at dozens of conferences. Our community has diverse skills and we want PyCon US’s schedule to reflect that! 

If the Education Summit is an interest for you, don’t worry.  The Education Summit and others will be taking place virtually, more details will be coming for submitting proposals for the individual summits.

Since we are asking for your talk to be recorded this year, we do not want equipment to stop you from submitting a proposal. The financial aid program will offer assistance for webcams, microphones, or lightning to ensure you can record a successful presentation.  

How to get help with your proposal

Regional user groups

A great source of assistance with proposals comes from the local community. User groups around the world have had sessions where people bring ideas to the table and walk away with a full-fledged proposal. These sessions are especially helpful if you’re new to the process. If you’re experienced with the process, it’s a great way for you to reach out and help people level up. Although many of these groups are not meeting in person some are meeting virtually.  A resource page will be available on the conference website listing events as we hear of them.  If you will be hosting an event or know of any please let us know by emailing


Annually, PyCon organizes a mentorship program for folks that need assistance with their proposals. This program is meant to assist Pythonistas with:
  • Exploring and brainstorming interests to help identify hidden topics that would make great talks
  • Connecting writers with experienced speakers to help develop proposals and talks
  • Reviewing outlines, slide decks, or notes
The timeline for this program will be:
  • Dec 22-Jan 18: Mentees work on draft ideas, outlines, notes, etc
  • Jan 18-29: Mentees and mentors will be connected via email and should meet one time during this time frame. During the meeting, mentees will present draft resources for review and discussion
  • Jan 29-Feb 12: Mentees review feedback and work on finalizing proposals
  • Feb 12: Deadline to submit proposals for PyCon US 2021
To sign up to be a mentor or mentee, select the appropriate checkboxes on the Speakers Profile page.

Where should you submit your proposal?

After you have created an account at,  you’ll want to create a speaker profile in your dashboard. The speaker profile collects your biography and picture that will be used to highlight your talk.  Also, check the various boxes about giving or receiving mentorship, as well as grant needs. You will have the option to edit this information via your dashboard at any time.

After that’s done, clicking on the “Submit a Proposal” button in your dashboard will give you the choice of proposal type, and from there you enter your proposal. We’ve provided some guidelines on the types of proposals you can submit, so please be sure to check out the following pages for more information:

We look forward to seeing all of your proposals in the coming months!