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Google Cloud: Speed up Python development with Cloud Code and your IDE

Google Cloud is thrilled to sponsor PyCon 2021! This is a bittersweet PyCon as we wish we could meet all you skilled Python developers in person, but we know bringing together Python developers in this virtual environment will lend itself to creative collaboration and education!

Google Cloud provides many features to make Python development more streamlined. These capabilities allow Python developers to:

  • Find libraries optimized for Python
  • Run workloads anywhere
  • Manage JupyterLab notebooks
  • Find, diagnose and x complex issues

Our Python team is always working on ways to ease the development journey for Python developers. Google Cloud has the tools Python developers need to build cloud-based applications. Our tools allow you to build apps quicker with SDKs and in-IDE assistance. Then, scale them as big or small as you need on Cloud Run, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), or Anthos.

As developers, your IDE is the most comfortable place for you to work. To simplify development, you can expand your IDE with extensions to make the process of building, deploying, scaling, and managing infrastructure and applications a breeze. Cloud Code is Google Cloud’s IDE extension that streamlines cloud-based Python development right within your IDE. that helps you write, debug and deploy your cloud-based apps faster.

Cloud Code helps developers increase their productivity by providing:

  • An easy way to speed up the local development loop
  • Explorers to navigate your Kubernetes and Cloud Run apps
  • Quick access to enable and install Cloud APIs
  • YAML authoring support

These helpful and intuitive features improve day-to-day workflows for all Python developers!

Cloud Code is available for an array of IDEs, including PyCharm and Visual Studio Code. Developing with Cloud Code is your key to maximizing developer productivity, combining all the best tools together so simplify Python development with Google Cloud.

Let’s dive deeper into how Cloud Code helps drive productivity while working in your IDE.

Get started fast

If you’re new to cloud-based development, especially with Google Cloud, it can take some time to get an app up and running. Cloud Code provides Python getting started samples for both Kubernetes and Cloud Run, our fully managed container offering.

After installing Cloud Code from the PyCharm or VS Code marketplace, you can create a new project using one of our samples. Depending on what framework you’re more comfortable with, we have samples for both Flask and Django. These give you a starting point for development and show best practices.

For a live demo on getting started with Cloud Code and PyCharm, check out the Developing Flask Apps on Google Cloud webinar we did with PyCharm! This webinar dives into a demo of how to build Flask applications for Cloud Run and covers how Cloud Code helps throughout the development journey.

To help you get started even faster, we created interactive tutorials on how to edit, debug, and deploy a new application with Cloud Code. Check out our Cloud Run and Secret Manager tutorials, both written in Python of course!

Our tutorials take an in depth look at the features of Cloud Code, but to give you a quick look at what our IDE tool offers, continue reading below.

Give Cloud Code a try by downloading here and join us on the Google Cloud Developers Slack!