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PyCon US 2021 Recordings are complete!

The PyCon US 2021 recordings are available on our YouTube channel.  Be sure to subscribe to our channel for notifications of new content. This channel will be used for all future conferences in order to keep all content in one channel.

The recordings are synced with the available live captions taken during the event. There are some tutorials whose files did not align with the recordings for many unforeseen reasons. Please utilize the closed captions offered on YouTube for those without the caption files synced.  There are three tutorials that needs some fine tuning and will be available next week:

  • Introduction to Decorators: Power UP Your Python Code / Geir Arne Hjelle
  • Effective Data Visualization / Husni Almoubayyed
  • A Hands-On Introduction to Multi-Objective Optimisation / Eyal Kazin

We can not mention enough times our heartfelt gratitude to all the presenters of the tutorials, talks, keynote addresses, posters, workshops, summits and lightning talks for their time and efforts in providing the content presented at PyCon US 2021. You have all helped to make this event a success. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at