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Important Venue Information Update

The PyCon US 2022 staff, committees, and volunteers know that for many attending PyCon US 2022 next week the Health and Safety Guidelines and Vaccine Verification policy along with a commitment to enforce them via our Code of Conduct have provided the information necessary to weigh the risks and make attendance decisions that best meet their needs.

We remain committed to those policies and procedures set forth from the start to deliver the safest possible environment for all attendees. That commitment extends to ensuring that attendees are aware of the venue layout and shared spaces where our policies cannot apply.

What you need to know:

The Salt Palace Convention Center will be hosting another event concurrently with PyCon US, the USA Gymnastics T&T Region 1&2 Championships. The gymnastics event will not be requiring masks for their attendees and does not currently have a published set of policies or statements regarding vaccines. 

Venue Details

While the layout of the convention center lends itself favorably to having two well separated spaces for the events the main entrances, foyers, concourses, and mezzanines of the venue will be accessible to all convention center guests.

Similar to our instructions for PyCon US 2022 attendees to use the East entrance of the convention center, the athletes and guests of the gymnastics championships have been asked to use the West entrance. We cannot guarantee or enforce specific entrance use for either group.

Within the public spaces of the conference center, PyCon US cannot apply any of our policies for attendees of other events. However, PyCon US attendees  will be required to follow our Health and Safety Guidelines as well as the Vaccine Verification policy in all spaces of the convention center. Please see the diagram below to understand the areas dedicated to PyCon US, along with the shared spaces.

To get a better feel and vision of the public space in the Salt Palace Convention Center, consider the interactive map and virtual tour created by the convention center on their website.

What now?

We understand that this information is being provided at the final hour and may alter the risk assessments that members of our community have conducted in making their decisions to attend PyCon US. To help any attendee mitigate the additional risk, we will be offering unconditional conversions of any in-person ticket to a virtual ticket, with a refund of the difference in price. If a virtual experience is not going to work for you, we will fully refund any tickets on request. 

If you have questions, concerns, or want to provide feedback on what we can do to best provide for your safety and comfort in any shared spaces, please contact

Registrants may exchange their in-person ticket for an online ticket or choose to cancel their in-person ticket; cancellations for this reason will be exempted from the cancellation fees and deadlines noted in our Cancellation Policy.