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Applications Are Open for Booth Space on Startup Row

2023 is a big year for PyCon US. It’s kind of hard to believe that we’ll be celebrating 20 years of code and community. And for well over half that time, PyCon US has supported early-stage entrepreneurs by offering teams complementary conference passes and booth space on Startup Row.

Great news: Applications are now open, but not for long. If you’re one of those action-oriented, “do now, read later” startup founders, applying for a spot is as easy as creating an account or logging into your existing account on the PyCon US 2023 website, and then submitting an application. (The application won’t load if you aren’t signed in.)

Act fast, though: Applications close on February 26, 2023, and we aim to inform recipients by early March.

What is Startup Row?

Startup Row, as the name suggests, is a section of booths at PyCon US set aside for startups that are making innovative use of the Python programming language.

Since 2011, over 100 companies have had the opportunity to share what they're building (and how they're building it) with the thousands of engineers, scientists, students, tinkerers, and all-around enthusiasts who attend PyCon US every year.

Does my startup qualify?

Here are the criteria:

  • Python is used in your tech or business stack in some capacity (open source, proprietary, data science, machine learning, orchestration, marketing automation, etc.).
  • At the time of application, your startup is 2.5 years old or less (if you had a major pivot or delayed product launch, measure from there)
  • At the time of application, you have 20 or fewer full-time employees, including the founders.
  • You or your company will pay for travel and lodging to PyCon US in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • You have not previously presented on Startup Row at PyCon US (if you previously applied but were not accepted, you are encouraged to apply again!)

What does my company get, if accepted?

Excellent question!

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Two conference passes (you’re welcome to stay for the post-conference sprints, too!) 
  • Booth space on Startup Row in the Expo Hall on April 21st and April 22nd 
  • An (optional) table at the PyCon US Jobs Fair on April 23rd (after all, there's no better place to recruit great engineers and data scientists than PyCon US).
  • PyCon US 2023 website placement and a featured mention on the PyCon US blog
  • Eternal glory

How do I apply with my startup?

Applying for a spot on Startup Row is easy! Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, either create an account or log in to your existing account (if you created an account for a previous PyCon US, you’ll have to create and confirm a new one)
  2. Fill out the Startup Row application (a link to which can also be found at the bottom of the Startup Row page on the PyCon US site) by February 26, 2023
  3. Wait to hear back from the selection committee! If selected, you’ll be notified in early March, giving you plenty of time to complete registration and arrange travel.

Again, the deadline to apply is February 26, 2023 by 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Can I learn more about Startup Row?

You bet! Check out the Startup Row page for more details and testimonials from prior Startup Row participants. (There’s a link to the application there, too!)

Who do I contact with questions about Startup Row?

First off, if you have questions about PyCon US in general, you can send an email to the PyCon US organizing team at We’re always happy to help.

For specific Startup Row-related questions, reach out to co-chair Jason D. Rowley via email at jdr [at] omg [dot] lol, or find some time in his calendar at calendly [dot] com [slash] jdr.

What is PyCon US doing to keep attendees safe?

Following health and safety guidelines, in-person PyCon US attendees will be required to wear an appropriate protective face mask and provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. More information can be found on the Health and Safety Guidelines page.

Because Startup Row is an in-person feature of PyCon US, people who have not been vaccinated or are unwilling to comply with mask requirements cannot be accommodated. We appreciate your understanding.

Hang on, what’s the deadline again?

The deadline to apply is February 26, 2023 by 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
Good luck!