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PyCon US 2024 Launches!

We can’t believe it’s been six months since PyCon US 2023, where we came together to celebrate 20 years of PyCon US. If you’d like to revisit some memories of PyCon US 2023, check out our recap and video recordings.

Meanwhile, the PyCon US team has continued to plan the next iteration of PyCon US. We’re excited to announce the launch of our conference website, along with the Call for Proposals, and our sponsorship program.

We're Coming to Pittsburgh!

After two years in Salt Lake City, we will be hosting PyCon US 2024 and 2025 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We will continue to return in person, with health and safety guidelines in place. If you’re unable to make it in person, you can attend our virtual event, PyConOX.

PyCon US 2024 will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the following dates:
  • May 15-16, Tutorials and Sponsor Presentations
  • May 17-19, Main Conference Days—Keynotes, Talks, Charlas, Expo Hall, and more
  • May 20-23, Sprints
(Note: Pentecost falls on May 19th and 20th.)

If you’d like to understand more about why Pittsburgh is a great location for PyCon US, the announcement post for our original Pittsburgh plan is a good place to learn more.

Introducing PyCon US Co-Chair, and Future Conference Chair: Elaine Wong

My tenure as PyCon US conference chair will end at the conclusion of PyCon US 2024. After careful consideration, we have invited Elaine Wong to be the next conference chair. She has begun preparing for her role by co-chairing for PyCon US 2024.

Elaine is a long-time Python community member, leader, and is no stranger to conference organizing. She has chaired PyCon Canada, csvconf, runs PyLadies Toronto, and is a recipient of PSF Community Service Award. Although she may not need further introduction, I'm excited to introduce Elaine as Co-Chair for 2024 and future Chair for 2025 and 2026.

👋 Hello! I’m thrilled to help plan PyCon US 2024 alongside Mariatta, the PSF staff, and volunteers, and I’m looking forward to seeing folks in Pittsburgh in 2024 and 2025! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to share your conference suggestions.

PyCon US 2024 Website is Live

You can now head over to the PyCon US 2024 website for details about the conference and for more information about our sponsorship program.

Our design for this year's event takes inspiration from the many bridges of Pittsburgh. The fun pastel and bubblegum color scheme is a special touch by the designers to incorporate a bit of the conference chair’s personality. These colors also happen to be the colors and flavors of ice creams 🍦, which the conference’s chair is known to be fond of. (She has a long running tradition of doing Ice Cream Selfies at conferences).

We’re proud to support and collaborate with Ukrainian designers Anastasia B and Kyryl Ko of Awesomic Inc. whose design and illustrations made the PyCon US website lively and colorful. The design is brought together with coordination by Georgi K and implemented by Kabu Creative.

PyCon US Call for Proposals is Now Open

PyCon US 2024’s Call for Proposals is officially open for Talks, Tutorials, Posters, and Charlas! PyCon US Talks, Charlas, Tutorials and Posters CFPs are open until December 18, 2023 AoE You can view what time that is locally to you here.

We need beginner, intermediate, and advanced proposals on all sorts of topics— and beginner, intermediate, and advanced speakers to give said presentations. You don’t need to be a 20-year veteran who has spoken at dozens of conferences. On all fronts, we need all types of people. Our community is comprised of a diverse set of people with unique skill sets, and we want our conference program to be a true reflection of that diversity.

For the new and first-time speakers, be sure to take advantage of the speaker mentorship program where you can be matched with experienced speakers who can help you with crafting your proposal. Check out the info here.

For more information on where and how to submit your proposal, visit the Proposal Guidelines page on the PyCon US 2024 website.

The Return of the Hatchery Program

The PyCon US Hatchery is an effort to establish a path for introduction of new tracks, summits, and demos at PyCon US. This program has been inactive for several years, and our team has been working to reactivate and refresh the Hatchery program. We are still finalizing the details of this program, so please stay tuned for more news about the PyCon US Hatchery 🐣 and start thinking of ideas you might want to contribute.

Sponsorship Has Tremendous Impact

Sponsors are what make PyCon US and the Python Software Foundation possible. PyCon US is the main source of revenue for the PSF, the non-profit behind the Python language and the Python Packaging Index, and the hub for the Python community.

PyCon US is the largest and longest-running Python gathering globally, with a diverse group of highly engaged attendees, many of whom you won’t find at other conferences. We’re excited to be able to provide our sponsors with opportunities to connect with and support the Python community. You’ll be face-to-face with talented developers, qualified recruits, and potential customers, access a large and diverse audience and elevate your visibility and corporate identity within the Python community.

Check out our full menu of benefits, including new ones for 2024!

What you can expect when you sponsor PyCon US and the PSF:

  • Reach - Access to 1500+ attendees interested in your products and services and generate qualified leads.
  • Brand strength - Be part of the biggest and most prestigious Python conference in the world and support the nonprofit organization behind the Python language.
  • Connections - Networking with attendees in-person to create connections and provide detailed information about your products and services.
  • Recruiting - Access to qualified job candidates. If you’re hiring, there’s no better place to find Python developers than PyCon US.
  • 12 months of benefits - Reach the Python community during PyCon US and beyond, with options for recognition on,, and more.

Because of the generosity of our sponsors, the Python Software Foundation is able to continually improve our support of Python and its community. Read more about the PSF here and in our most recent Annual Impact Report. You can help us ensure the Python ecosystem thrives for years to come. Apply to sponsor PyCon US and the PSF today! Head over to the Sponsorship Application page to learn more about the 2024 PSF sponsorship program and sign up to sponsor.

If you have any questions about sponsoring PyCon US and the PSF, please contact us at

Stay in the Loop

As we get closer to the event, the conference website is where you’ll find details for our call for proposals, registration launch, venue information, and everything PyCon US related! Be sure to subscribe here to the PyCon US Blog, follow @PyCon on Twitter/X, and on Mastodon, the PSF on LinkedIn, and subscribe to PyCon US 2024 News so you won’t miss a thing. Our official hashtag is #PyConUS.