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Support PyLadies: Donate to the PyLadies Charity Auction at PyCon US 2024!

PyCon US 2024 is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to see all of you there! This year, we are reaching out to our community to help support one of our favorite events: the PyLadies Charity Auction. We know our wonderful community is bursting with creative, artsy, and generous folks. That’s why we are sending out a community wide call to donate items to this year’s auction. If you’d like to support PyLadies by making a donation, please fill out the PyLadies Charity Auction donation form. To learn more about the event and what to donate, read on!

What to Donate

Need inspiration? Over the years, we’ve seen that people love to bid on items that are artsy, nerdy, and Python-specific. Art, decor, customized tech, and vintage PyCon or Python related swag are all examples of things that will inspire a friendly bidding war. To get more inspiration search ‘PyLadies Auction’ on social media or check out the PyLadies Instagram.

Items that are personalized or have a story tend to attract bidders– DIYers, artists, crafters, and collectors, this is your time to shine! It's also worth thinking about what will show up well on stage. We have a magnifying camera, but smaller and less colorful items like jewelry and watches might be harder for bidders to see than a big piece of art or an adorable, bright colored snake stuffy! 

Please note that we cannot accept donations of guns, alcohol, cars, real estate, or houses. We may decline other gifts that are inappropriate or impractical at the PSF’s discretion (for example, sorry, no real pythons!).

If you’ve got an item to contribute that you’d like to share in a sneak preview, feel free to post a photo and tag us on the social media platform of your choice!

Donation details

To donate an item, please fill out the PyLadies Charity Auction donation form. This form asks for required information around the person or organization donating, item specifics, and logistics. You will need to indicate if you will ship the item in advance or deliver it in person. You will receive shipping information once you complete the form. The deadline for donations is May 16th, 2024 (that’s the Thursday before the event!).

About the PyLadies Charity Auction

The twelfth PyLadies Charity Auction will be held in-person during PyCon US 2024 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It’s an evening of fun and refreshments while supporting the PyLadies community!

The Entry cover charge of $35.00 includes dinner and a drink ticket, while the Supporter cover charge of $50.00 includes dinner, a drink ticket, and a $15.00 contribution to PyLadies. Everyone who attends will also have access to the cash bar. To save your place at the Auction, add the PyLadies Auction to your PyCon US registration via your dashboard. Last year we sold out quickly, so if you’d like to go, reserve your ticket soon!