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Get ready for PyCon US 2024! Tips and tricks from our community.

PyCon US 2024 will kick off later this week. Our staff members are all busy with the final preparation, and we know that many of you are packing and traveling to the conference too.

If you’re wondering about who else you will meet or what to do during your time at the conference, check out this video to hear advice from other experienced PyCon US attendees.

Thank you to our community members for helping us with the creation of the video, and for sharing their experiences and advice to the community:
  • Carol Willing
  • Ned Batchelder
  • Ngazetungue Muheue
  • Donghee Na
  • Kojo Idrissa
  • Abigail Afi Gbadago
  • Velda Kiara
  • Kattni Rembor
  • Takanori Suzuki
  • Denny Perez
  • Maria Jose Molina
  • Mario Munoz
  • Tammy Do
  • Jules/Juliana Barros Lima
And special thanks to Georgi Ker for the help with video editing and finishing.

In addition to all the talks, tutorials, Charlas, and keynotes, PyCon US offers additional activities and events, including Open Spaces, Sprints, Summits. Check out the full list on our conference website under the Events menu.

First time attendee at PyCon US are recommended to attend the Newcomer Orientation on Thursday at 4:30 PM.

Also new this year is the Hatchery Programs, which features four new tracks. While some of the Hatchery programs are now full, you will be delighted to know you don’t need to sign up in order to attend FlaskCon. Be sure to check them out.

Thank you everyone! Safe travels, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

Not yet registered for PyCon US? You still have time to register and join us either in-person or online.

Register here:

Check our full schedule: